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Sattal Photo Tour

As bird (and wildlife) photographers, we deeply cherish and respect mother nature and all of her glory. That is why we set up Incredible Birding Camp, a splendid and spacious establishment, amidst the thick forests of Sattal. It is peculiarly situated in close proximity to some of the best birding hot spots in the region offering our guests a chance to connect with nature. This privately owned camp houses a special body of water that draws in over a 100 species of birds, monkeys, leopards, and other game.

People venture out towards the magnificent Himalayas for several reasons. Some aspire to conquer them, some seek salvation amidst their grandeur while some simply want to be free of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. The Sattal Birding Tour is for all nature lovers, birding experts, ornithologists, and wildlife enthusiasts who cherish the bounty of nature and enjoy taking great photographs and simply marvel at the serenity of nature.

Being seasoned veterans with a bulk of experience in the industry, our expert photographers know the forest like they know their hometown. How cool is that?! We offer a variety of birding tour packages in Sattal for birding lovers and enthusiasts so they get to enjoy the avian wonders of the foothills of the Himalayas. Join us on one of our guided Sattal birding tours that is led by an expert photographer who shows you how to have an authentic birding experience. Alternatively, you can also join a group tour with like-minded individuals who will be your fellow-travelers on the tour. If you are a solo traveler who prefers to travel on their own terms, we can curate a package to any of the several beautiful places in the region, keeping in mind the budget, taste, and style of travel that fits your needs.

We cater to 3 different kinds of travelers out here in Sattal. Which one are you?

There are three ways a person can explore the majestic natural beauty of Sattal. Depending on how you prefer to travel, we welcome you to choose your preferred Sattal birding tour package from the ones that we offer.

Sattal Photography Group Tours

As the name suggests, these are Photography tours led by our ace photographers in Sattal. Our experienced team members ensure you have a great experience and come back not only with great travel memories but also with some spectacular photographs. Here are some details about these tours


1. Tours led by professional photographers.

2. Carefully and specifically designed to tingle the minds of photography enthusiasts.

3. You will get real-time photography guidance and can attend off-field photography sessions during the tour.

Sattal Birding Group Tours

Exploring the wonders of nature with like-minded enthusiasts and nature lovers is certainly an exciting human experience. Our fixed departure Sattal Wildlife Tour Packages are a safe and fun way to travel in a group for individuals or families alike. Here’s what you should look forward to


1. These tours are led by leading, expert naturalists.

2. We ensure optimal group sizes to balance efficiency and budget.


These tours also offer a wealth of wildlife learning.

Sattal Customised Vacations

Families and/or individuals who are free spirited and are looking for a more flexible holiday curated suit their needs and preferences, you can explore our wide array of customized travel packages.

1. We prepare completely customised Sattal Wildlife itineraries to suit all your needs.
2. Based on your requirement, we organise the travel dates, the travel and accommodation options, and food just the way you’ll enjoy.
3. You can talk to us to discover exclusively planned Sattal packages for you and your family.
4. We leverage the knowledge and experience of our team of travel experts to ensure utmost comfort and the best experiences.

Get in touch with us to customize your departure!

Where is Sattal? How is this region for traveling and birding?

At the foothills of the Kumaon forests in Uttarakhand, you will find the villages of Sattal and Pangot that nurture an extravagant array of bird life.

Nestled fragilely below lush orchards at a stately 1370m, Sattal is an untouched, marvelous oasis that stands elegantly, defying the modern vices of reckless urbanization that we see these days. It is a composition of seven interconnected lakes that sit quaintly surrounded by beautiful forests and is a hub for migratory birds that only visit the Himalayas.

Pangot is a village not far from the famed hill station of Nainital, situated at the foothills of the Kumaon forests that were made famous by Jim Corbett’s adventures and Ruskin Bond’s evocative, engrossing tales. Even though it is just a small village nestled in the mountains, this boudoir of tranquility and natural beauty is big on avifauna, with over 500 species of birds gracefully gliding in the sky. These enchanting birds are like beacons amidst the oak and pine forests spread across the rolling hills to their grounded compatriots who look up at and to them.

Each morning at Incredible Birding Camp when our guests wake up, they are greeted by the pleasant calls of birds, clean and fresh air, and lush green forests inviting them for exploration with open arms. We have carefully transformed this century-old property that we came across into a paradise for bird watching and photography. The camp is a 10 minute drive from the bespoke lakes of Sattal.

Together, Sattal & the villages in it’s vicinity are among the Great Himalayas’ greatest birding locales that treat your eyes to exotic birds with colorful feathers, while the idyllic environs enchant your senses into adoring submission.

Nainital is an area blessed with much ecological affluence, and its avian population, which is its crowning glory, will ensure that you get a lasting taste of it. At Pangot, prepare to be dumbfounded by a large birding slugfest, the ringside attendees in the featherweight category include black-faced warbler and the spot-winged tit both of whom cause quite a flutter. The welterweight category has champions such as the red-billed blue magpie, Eurasian jay, black-headed jay, streaked laughing thrush, crested kingfisher and collared owlet that dazzle you with their uncommon pulchritude. The middleweight contenders are the cheer pheasant, koklass pheasant and khaleej pheasant and the heavyweights include the likes of steppe eagle, Himalayan griffon and lammergeier that reign heavy and supreme.

The Incredible Birding Team makes sure to provide the best Logistics, Tour Leaders (Naturalists and Photographers) to make your tour memorable. So get ready to explore and feel the essence of the lower Himalayas. Drop us an e-mail today!

Addition Information
  • Best time to Visit

    Mid September to Mid June

  • Recommended min. duration

    3 Nights / 4 Days

  • Attractions

    Wildlife, Birds, Landscapes

  • Activities

    Hiking, Birding, Photography

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  • Nearest International Airport


  • Nearest Railway Station



Package Starts for 3 Nights.

Please Note:

For Bookings, Contact team Incredible Birding.