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  • Tiger - Jim Corbett

  • Andaman Barn Owl

  • Atlantic Puffin

  • Blood Pheasant

  • Tiger - Jim Corbett

  • Cheer Pheasant

  • Collared owlet

  • Dark-breasted Rosefinch

  • Kirkjufellfoss

  • Lesser Coucal

  • Marmot

  • HImalayan Monal

  • HImalayan Monal

  • Mongolian Finch

  • Mountain scops owl

  • Pangong Tso

  • Purple Swamphen

  • Red Fox

  • Yellow-rumped Honeyguide

  • Tiger

  • White-browed Rosefinch

“Great photography is depth of feeling, not depth of field.”

- Peter Adams

Incredible Birding strives to expand the horizons for nature lovers and photographers so they can explore more, experience more, and express more. We take you to some of the most beautiful, biodiverse destinations in India where you will come across majestic mammals, graceful birds, and breathtaking landscapes. So, whichever captivates you, you create splendid photographs of it to share with the world! Also, amateur photographers can opt to learn from our experience through an immersive photography training program. We are always ready to share our knowledge and ideate with new, creative minds.


Wildlife Photography expeditions are the pièce de résistance of Incredible Birding Camp (IBC). Being situated in a place nestled in the tranquil forests of Sattal, IBC acts as the basecamp for many of our bird watching tours along with some of the exciting expeditions that we organize all across Uttarakhand.

Kenya’s Best Wildlife Photography Tour
Sep 2022
The Himalayan monal (Lophophorus impejanus)
Bhutan Birding Expedition

Bhutan is also highly forested for over 70 percent of its land, which cultivates the thriving vegetation and exceptional wildlife, including 700 species of birds.

Hill partridge (Arborophila torqueola)
Chopta-Sattal Birding Expedition

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Stay updated with our travel exploits and learn more about the new places we have explored for bird watching and photography across the world. We are just as excited to share our enchanting birding experiences and discoveries as you all are to know about them!


Get a glimpse of what goes down on our photography expeditions high up in the mountains and on the bird watching tours that take us deep into the forests. You can also check out our home, the Incredible Birding Camp, in Sattal and all that you can explore nearby.